new fitness

so I found a new gym called Crunch Fitness its semi big alot of equipment and excitement. I like this gym songs are good the people there are friendly im looking to get back to working out like before like at Snap but this is Crunch I feel myself enjoying coming here as my new gym home. I go in the evening with my dad its awesome working out is the key to a good soul and a healthy temple

I Just

I just want say how i feel and be able to converse with others. Lately its been not so much I need to find my get up and go song. I wish i had an I-pod again with my music and my headphones the way things use to be my life without music is blah but its okay I’ll get a new one eventually.  What to talk about and how to say it you see I never know how to start a conversation im always stuck on topics to bring up its tough for me to make friends I dont know where to begin. The days are so repetitive I should be ontop of my game.

New movie home

Regal Cinemas at the Walden Galleria is my new  place to watch a movie.  Yeah its a bit pricey but  on discount day you cant beat it.  On regular admission days  standard fare is 10 dollars a show (although I do not know the matinee prices). Then for concessions its pretty pricey as well.  I tried to use the discount card for the movie American Sniper but the screen was a RPX similar to an IMAX so the discount was void.   I went with my Dad,  we had to the see it but it was already 10 mins in however it was still good.  It was a stellar showing Bradley Cooper did a very good job portraying Chris Kyle. It was an action packed heart thriller I give it nine out of ten.

*I used the discount card on Hobbit 3 for 5 dollars you couldn’t beat it.

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