Garrett Sports Late nite update

Longtime ESPN analyst johnJohn Saunders passes away at 61.  He was often on the College Football segments and a show called Sports Reporters all on  ESPN. John was pretty great in his craft he is a great person to  emulate if going into the profession in my eyes. Yes there was Stuart Scott and most times no one better, but Saunders with his touch of a business like approach you never doubted what he was reporting and you listened, he will be greatly missed.

Tim Tebow is back in the news and not for what you would imagine, the Heisman winner; trades his Helmet for a Baseball Mitt.   What a site to see if he can pull this off. Imagine Clayton Kershaw vs. Florida Sate Heisman winner and NFL Playoff winner Timothy Tebow. Or Aroldis Champman vs. Tim “One Knee” Tebow. I would 500 dollars to see that.


Kendrick and Schoolboy Q visit LA Rams training camp what a time to be an LA Ram, its ken and q  a good  way to show a team love too,  LA has been dying for a team and its great that its no longer just a wish.ken and q at rams

What a night in Rio it was, for USA

Tuesday night in Rio was USA night at the Olympic games. They came, saw and conquered, it  exciting, exhilarating and even better  Phelps got his 2oth Gold medal while on the  gymnastics side,  The Women’s Gymnastics team took the gold.

The US in general is sitting well in Rio as they have the medal count in there favor.

Hooray to USA and keep up the work


This is the late nite sports update by Garrett Atkinson.


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