It’s no longer just a movie it’s reality. Romo Out…Dak in?

I’m experiencing deja vu with America’s team, the Cowboys of Dallas.   

This team has strange similarities to the Sharks of Miami, a fictitious football team in the movie ‘Any Given Sunday’.

The comparison starts exactly like the movie did, and that’s with the Quarterback Cap Rooney.

Tony Romo mimics the story of Cap; additionally, in that story, there was a YOUNG black 3rd string QB by the name of Willie Beamen…

Now Romo has been burdened with injuries and is getting old like ol Jack’Cap’ Rooney and he may be good or was great, but right now he’s got the injury bug


Just like Cap, Romo recently just got dinged again in a pre-season game against Seattle. Now, though sometimes it isn’t fair, they will find someone else and give that person a chance..

And they are just waiting for that chance. Like this kid…

…Or these guys or

just like Beamen

and especially this guy. 

Mr. Dak Prescott, who is shaping up to be a Willie Beamen like story,and just like Beamen….once he grabs it.

He’s not gonna look back. 

Is this the beginning of the end for Romo?  Is this the ‘Any Given Sunday’ for real?

Will it be Dak Prescott? Will he be like Willie Beamen and surge the team to greatness? I can’t say yet but I’ve definitely seen this once before. 

 I am Garrett Maxwell Atkinson, and this was a ‘Garrett Maxwell Sports’ article on WordPress.

Have a great evening and enjoy the last days of Summer


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