My secret love of Soccer; and Good Luck! and Good Health to The Blues!

chelseaSoccer has been my cats meow right now. And My cat is Chelsea.   My favorite player was Frank Lampard, my second favorite is Lionel Messi and Fabergas and Diego Costa (Fabergas former Aresenal Player now Chelsea).   Lately ive been hooked into the Fifa video game.  I play it on xbox one and use FUT its an excellent way to learn the game and players right now Sturridge of  Liverpool is booming a fan favorite, I don’t always like using overpowered teams or players; unless your playing a frienldy its best to find a team you love rather then just the best.  A Team with great chemistry is the best, all of the players run well and play off each other.  FUT has really got me a overnight fan of soccer in no time. However but I’ve been playing fifa since I was 7 and always used Mexico  or Milan,and  Arsenal. The team who was the fastest usually won ha.  Nowadays its a little more complex but the controls haven’t changed much at all. Fifa is the only game I have no problem playing with after long delays of playing.    Anyway this year i’m going to keep a whether eye on Chelsea FC I want to be good fan.  Here’s to a great year to Chelsea FC Blue Lions and the game of soccer Go Blues!!!


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