Where do I Begin [raw] 1.5

doikno im not the only person with problems but i got some issues real and reality the dream state is better than life sometimes but actual the actual live of life is something  some ppl have lived hoping to live and there others that say they have lived that have not.

they say if you spend alo of time on a the comp you should have a blog or start bloggin so here i am .    I am a young indvidual looking to blossom  I hope this is a small ticket to a big prize some time s i will write just to write to get my mind going. I am Garrett I like to go by G or Max .  I hope my blog flourishes Where do i begin I been to many places seen alot of faces im not sure if people actually understand where I come from but im just a person who hasn’t found his niche but maybe i have i like to type its fun. i like being young and enjoying what life has to offer , for mee I have lived and did manythings alot of things to be proud of but still much to do I still need a car and a house. I’ve haad jobs but stop chasing my real dream . its most important to always follow your dreams or else you could end up whishing that you;ve have done it. now you lookat yuour life and see that the world is eating you alive and you;ve did some things that you arent proud of . they say you arent defined by your past and what you do from here is where you begin well im ready to rock this is jus the begggining.

G es me Maxlive 7-8-14 1:01


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