Top 5s right now

Avengers , Captain America WS, Skyfall, Wreck it Ralph and Lone Slone-survivor-posterurvivor.  HM:  Gladiator

SongsTp5 Hey Brother, Sweet Home Chicago, Am I Wrong,  Love Me Again and I See Fire. Honorable mention In The Clouds utiog

The Last Shot, Bud Not Buddy, The Game,Holes and The Shack

A Constant Visual Feast

"Andrew At The CInema"

Deja Reviewer

A new way of looking at your favorite movies


All The Muse Unfit to Print

The Garum Factory

Great food, real life

What's On Deck?

Exploring stories in the wide world of sports

NFL Behind the Scenes

Super Bowl XLVI

300 stories

A continuing mission to produce flash fiction stories in 300 words (or less)

Running To Stand Still

The Adventures and Musings of Michelle Kenneth


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